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Some people know when to give up. Others know when they are beaten. Krazy owls founder Al Thompson isn’t that smart, in fact, his nickname, “Crazy Al” (and all those two words stand for,) is the reason for the name of this place. Who else could gain a type of fame for a thing like pushing a hospital bed 1,900+  miles to break a Guinness World Record? Who else would break the biggest strings learning to tune a bass guitar, then a few days later have figured out how to actually play the thing? He’s won marketing  and advertising award for a major fast food chain, though he’s never in his life taken a marketing class. Really, who does that kind of thing? Well, Al, it seems. He’s one of those people who do things because he doesn’t know they can’t be done. The word “impossible” makes his eyebrow twitch, mostly in a downward position. Maybe he doesn’t know what it means.

The story of Krazy Owls began when, after thirty seven years in the fast food business, things changed.  Al found himself faced with the prospect of a leisurely retirement or working his tail off creating a fun place to enjoy a great meal or drink. Never a person to sit around and relax, Al’s crazy brain juggled several ideas as he searched for a different concept in the realm of restaurant excellence.

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What is Steampunk? This has been debated for many years, but essentially, it is a fantasy world based in the Victorian Age where steam powered machines provide energy and enormous dirigibles, along with many other outlandish devices provide transportation. It would be a world where one would find hats with goggles, gears everywhere, and everything would be slightly different...

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